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Weekly Auctions

Previews: Fridays at Noon - 4pm

Saturday 10:00 am

Auction Begins 11:00 am




Grubstake's Term and Conditions apply to our own auctions however auctions performed for our clients have their own
Terms/Conditions and will be posted at the auction site and on their individual web pages
when we are aware of them. If you have questions regarding these policies contact the appropriate Company representative.


RULES: All vehicles are sold AS is, Where is, No Guarantees stated or Implied. 

Anchorage bowl area - $75.00 and $4.00 per mile (will be towed Saturday or Sunday work load permitting)
Eagle River - Monday-Friday* - 85.00
Palmer/Wasilla - Monday - Friday* - $125.00
Beyond Pitmman Road in Wasilla and Beyond Arctic Avenue in Palmer Haulouts Monday - Friday*  - $200.00
All out of town haul outs will be done Monday or Tuesday as work loads permit
*If you would perfer to have the vehicle towed out on Saturday or Sunday there will be an additional $50.00 charge


All vehicle not removed by 2:00 will be charged $25.00 each day starting the day of auction. 

PLEASE DO NOT park on the roadway or you are subject to a ticket by APD. 

Viewing starts at 10:00
and the Auction conducted by Grubstake Auction starts promptly at 11:00.

CASH only. No credit cards or checks.

10% or $25 minimum Buyer's Premium. 

Driver’s license or state ID required for registration and entering yard.

 All vehicles sold as is. There are no warrinties granted or implied.

Your identification will be data tagged to your bid and if you do not fulfill the purchase, you will be permanently
banned from all Aurora’s and Grubstake’s auctions. If staff or other consumers are harassed in any way, security will ask you to leave and you will not be able to return again for one full year under trespassing ordinances.

Purchases must be paid for by 2 p.m. and removed from yard by 3 p.m. on the of day of sale. Advanced
daily lot fee of $25 paid in full at time of sale with arrangements, tows, documented. Criminal impound charges will be served on today’s buyer if purchase is left on any Municipality right of way (or on Aurora property). Bidders must be registered to bid

PLEASE DO NOT park on the roadway or you will be subject to a ticket by APD.

DO NOT park auction cars in roadway or SBS parking lot (THIS
Vehicle purchased at auction today that are left on the roadway on 79th
after Sunday evening will be subject to immediate impoundment. Repeat
offenders will be banned from future Aurora auctions.


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